A lot of damage for people and environment is caused by pests – rodents, insects, ticks and other domestic parasites. They cause a lot of material damages. Rats and mice cause damages for agricultural production, in farms, food companies, gardens, living in shops and houses they eat food, and spoil products, pollute them with urine, droppings and hair, eat doors, floor, ceiling, walls, insulating layers of materials, communal pipes, electrical insulation, causing a risk of explosions, fire, etc.

Pests by polluting food and environment spread infectious diseases: salmonella poisoning, tick borne encephalitis, Lyme disease, leptospirosis, yersiniosis, listeriosis, pseudotuberculiosis, trichinellosis, brucellosis, tulerimia and others.

Rodents and other domestic parasites breed in the places where hygiene conditions are inappropriate. It is very important to disinfect in order to protect people’s health, property, food and raw produce. In private buildings, premises and territories of nonpublic purposes people can disinfect in their own and buy substances for not professional disinfection in veterinary shops, or they can call specialists from a pest control company who will provide qualitative and professional help.

In other companies, institutions, organizations (in food production and realization companies, institutions of children education, healthcare and prophylaxis, industry companies and in hearths of diseases) these works are performed by specialists of preventive noxiousness elimination (pest control) companies.

JSC PELIAS provides the following services:

  • Port to Port Services
  • Fumigation of cargos in ships at loading port;
  • Issuance of Fumigation Certificates;
  • Issuance of Fumigation Certificates in transit;
  • Reception of vessel at destination port;
  • Degassing operations at destination;
  • Issuance of Gas Free Certificate
  • Fumigation of ships empty holds;
  • Fumigation of Freight containers;
  • Store and Silo fumigation;
  • Insect, rodent & hygiene control systems

The Group’s Network of Members and Associates enables rendering Port to Port Services. In this way, customers can rely on unified quality services both at origin and destination ports as described above.

JSC PELIAS can help you to fight with:

  • Rodents (rats, mice);
  • Creepers (cockroaches, ants, fleas, bugs, etc);
  • Flying insects (flies, hornets, mosquitoes, moths, etc);
  • Pests of grain and their products (mealworms, broom seed beetles, weevils, flour mites, warehouse moths, etc);
  • Birds in order to protect buildings and their ornaments;
  • Mould and microorganisms by making a final air disinfection;
  • Microorganisms of virus, parasitical and bacterial (legionella, enterococcus and other) nature in hotels or other accommodations places, meat processing companies, hospitals and other objects;

If you are looking for a pest control company, which:

  • Is not indifferent to Your company’s welfare and image;
  • Has a qualified and professional staff;
  • Provides necessary documentation corresponding to ISO 9001 standards and meets requirements of State Food and Veterinary Service, prepares a RVASVT (the system of risk factors analysis and key management points) and has inventory necessary for pest control works;
  • Ensures service on time and for acceptable prices;